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Celsius Medicinals

Shilajit Extract Powder

Shilajit Extract Powder

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  • 85+ essential minerals
  • 15x stronger than regular shilajit
  • Backed by 76+ scientific studies
  • 2 month supply
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping over $100
  • 3rd party lab tested

Shilajit is a resin-like substance naturally found in high mountain areas. Translating to ‘conqueror of mountains’ in Sanskrit, it's concentrated in 85+ essential minerals, vitality-enhancing fulvic & humic acids, and carbon 60, making it one of the most potent adaptogenic substances known to man.

Wild harvested from high altitudes of the Russian Altai mountains, the quality and potency of this Shilajit is unmatched, and is verified through 3rd party lab testing. Our 15:1 extract powder, meaning 15kg of raw shilajit goes into 1kg of extract powder, provides you with a 60 day supply of olympic potency shilajit.

Health Benefits

Shilajit may:

  • Improve mitochondrial energy production
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Neuro protective
  • Remove toxicity from the body
  • Promote athletic performance & recovery
  • Enhance absorption of minerals & nutrients in the body

*These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before commencing any health regime*

Click HERE for a full list of scientifically proven health benefits.

Sourcing & Ingredients

Wild-harvested at high altitudes from the Russian Altai mountains, Celsius Medicinals Shilajit Powder is of the highest quality and purity available.

100% wildcrafted Russian shilajit extract powder (15:1).

Free of GMOs, flavors, fillers, flow-agents, gluten, dairy, soy, and isolates.

Paleo, vegan and gluten-free.

Made in Australia from imported ingredients.

Additional information & safety

Click HERE for more information on shilajit.

Research suggests that shilajit is safe for long term use as a dietary supplement. [10][15]

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your health professional before use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Lab Test Results

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Our Competitors
60 pure-potency servings per jar
~30-40 low potency servings
3rd Party Testing
Transparent results
Hidden results - not easily accessible
Active Ingredient levels
~75% fulvic acid
< 20% fulvic acid
Heavy Metal Tested
Record low levels
Above average levels present
Sourced from authentic Russian Altai mountains
Cheaply sourced from China or Indian Himalayas
Proprietary low-heat method to maintain bioavailability
Use heat and chemical processing
No fillers, preservatives or flow agents
Use flow agents or fillers to dilute purity
Satisfaction guarantee
30 day satisfaction guarantee
No guarantee
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee


How long will it take to work?

It is common to feel the difference within the first few days of use. However, most people will feel the beneficial effects within the first week of consistent use.

Of course, every individual is different, so variation is common, and dependant on the individual's overall health and following the correct dosage.

How long will one jar last?

A single jar of our premium extract powder will last for 2 months!

As our Shilajit is a 15:1 extract powder, it is literally 15 times more concentrated than standard shilajit.

After starting using our recommended starting dosage (500mg), there are 60 servings of highly-concentrated, pure shilajit waiting for you.

Why is Shilajit so expensive?

Whilst shilajit may be one of the most scientifically-proven revitalising substances known to man, high quality shilajit is only found in high-altitude mountainous areas, and can be incredibly difficult to harvest when sourced authentically.

Our Shilajit comes in the form of a 15:1 extract powder, meaning it is literally 15 times more concentrated than any other standard Shilajit.

One jar our of our extract powder provides you with 60 highly concentrated servings, outclassing other generic brands in both quality and quantity of servings.

How is Celsius Medicinals Shilajit different from other brands?

  1. Our Shilajit is sourced through a small-scale business in Russia from wild, hard-to-reach areas in the Russian Altai Mountains, meaning Shilajit of this quality and purity is not accessible to large companies
  2. Our Shilajit contains THE lowest level of heavy metal contamination on the market
  3. Our Shilajit contains THE highest level of naturally-occurring fulvic acid on the market
  4. One jar of our shilajit extract powder contains 60 standard doses of shilajit - this is a 2 month supply
  5. Our shilajit is an extract powder, meaning 15kg of crude shilajit resin is concentrated into 1kg our premium extract powder
  6. Our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't feeling the beneficial effects of our products within 30 days, we will happily refund your purchase

How do I use Shilajit powder?

Our Shilajit comes as an easy-to-use extract powder, seamlessly integrating into your day.

The quickest and easiest way to get your daily vitality hit is to simply add hot water to your shilajit.

If you prefer to not taste the shilajit in it's raw form, easily integrate our Shilajit into one of your daily beverages - your smoothie, cacao beverage, or even morning coffee!

Ask your local barista to serve a 1/8th tsp of shilajit powder in with your morning coffee and experience the complementary effects of this powerful adaptogen.

Does your Shilajit contain heavy metals?

As shilajit is a naturally occurring raw material, it would be unrealistic to expect ZERO heavy metal contamination in any shilajit.

That said, our shilajit is confirmed to have only minimal trace levels of heavy metal contamination, notably lower than other large-scale companies who source from generic areas.

Our 3rd party lab test results can be seen HERE:

How is extract powder different from resin?

Shilajit Extract Powder means that the raw shilajit resin is concentrated through natural processing methods into a stronger more potent powder.

1kg of our premium extract powder has been concentrated from 15kg of crude shilajit.

Considering an extract powder is processed only using water and low temperatures, the integrity and purity is not only preserved, but is enhanced.

How can I be certain of your Shilajit quality?

Quality from us means results for you.

We maintain a olympic quality standard from source to bottle.

Our shilajit is hand-harvested from remote areas in the Russian Altai Mountains, ensuring it's purity.

Our shilajit is then 3rd party lab tested to ensure both record low heavy metal contamination levels, indicating purity, and high fulvic & humic acid levels.

The raw, now verified pure shilajit, is then water extracted at a low temperature, to not denature compounds, into a premium extract powder - meaning 15kg or raw shilajit goes into 1kg of our premium extract powder.

Our shilajit powder is then stored in miron violet glass bottles, protecting from any potential denaturing from UV light exposure, is moisture sealed to prevent clumping, and sent to your front door.

Can women also take Shilajit?

Absolutely. Shilajit provides 85+ essential trace minerals needed for all essential bodily functions. This includes hormone production, skin radiance and mitochondrial energy production, to name a few.

How does shipping work?

All orders over $100 are shipped to you from our headquarters FOR FREE.

Both our premium Shilajit Extract Powder and our Pine Pollen Powder are shipped for free including 20% OFF for a limited time, as part of our Vitality Bundle.