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Lab tested


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Our Competitors
60 pure-potency servings per jar
~30-40 low potency servings
3rd Party Testing
Transparent results
Hidden results - not easily accessible
Active Ingredient levels
~75% fulvic acid
< 20% fulvic acid
Heavy Metal Tested
Record low levels
Above average levels present
Sourced from authentic Russian Altai mountains
Cheaply sourced from China or Indian Himalayas
Proprietary low-heat method to maintain bioavailability
Use heat and chemical processing
No fillers, preservatives or flow agents
Use flow agents or fillers to dilute purity
Satisfaction guarantee
30 day satisfaction guarantee
No guarantee
  • Free shipping over $100
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee


Are your products organic?

We maintain olympic standard quality from source to bottle.

All of our products are either certified organic or wild crafted.

All of our products are sourced from remote, wild areas, promising the cleanest the most potent ingredients.

Quality from us means vitality for you.

Are your products tested for impurities?


All of our products are regularly 3rd party lab tested to ensure they are clean from impurities and pollutants.

Some products, such as our shilajit, is also lab tested for naturally occurring beneficial compounds, to ensure maximum potency.

Are your products sourced sustainably?


To ensure we are providing the highest quality, pure ingredients, we only source from smaller-scale operations.

This means our ingredients are harvested at a rate that does not overtake nature's rate of production.

We pride ourself on our sustainable production, as this our products are uniquely sourced, the quality of our ingredients is unmatched, unlike large-scale manufacturers around the world.

Do your products work for women too?


Whilst we highlight benefits for men, women will benefit significantly from our products.

As our products aren't chemically isolated products, they have a balancing action in the body, increasing what needs support, and removing what is not needed.

For example, our pine pollen powder is notorious for boosting men's testosterone. Whilst it does this for men, it will not create imbalanced testosterone in women. Rather, it supports the liver and provides the body with the raw ingredients it needs to maintain healthy hormone levels.

How does shipping and delivery work?

Once your order has been placed, it will be shipping within 48hrs from out dispatch centre.

You will be sent an Australia Post tracking number upon dispatch of your order.

Deliveries take 2-5 business days to arrive once with our delivery provider.

Orders over $100 qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

How do I know these products work?

Our products all have countless scientific studies backing their efficacy.

We provide the most potent, pure and effective products by finding the overlap between traditional medicine and modern science.

More information about the efficacy of these products can be found under the 'LEARN' tab in the navigation bar.

We are confident with our products and our customers' experiences, that if you are unsatisfied with your experience after 30 days, we will happily refund your order in full.

I have an issue with my order. What can I do?

Something not quite right with your order?

Don’t worry, our customer support team is ready to help. Email us at hello@celsiusmedicinals and advise us of your issue.

We’ll do our best to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.